Pedestrian Safety Training

This course satisfies the Ministry of Labour’s requirement that employers are taking specific reasonable precautions to protect workers who are working in the area of forklift and lifting devices.

The course consists of the following:

In the Classroom:

  1. Discuss the requirements of the Ministry of Labour in protecting Pedestrians in a lift truck environment.
  2. Watch a video and have group discussion regarding a safe working environment.
  3. Complete a theory test on the information given.

In the Work Area:

  1. Review the work area and ensure that all Pedestrians are aware of protective barriers, walkways or sidewalks to channel pedestrian traffic.
  2. Demonstrate warning lights and audible alarms as fitted to lift trucks in the work environment.
  3. Examine areas of concern regarding inadequate safety for Pedestrians.

Each participants is given a “Manual for Pedestrian Safety” for future reference. The provision of a participants retained manual containing all of the course material is an important part of “due diligence”. This course can be completed within a two hour period.

The cost of this program is as follows:

  • One Person: $125 per person
  • Two to Four People: $75 per person
  • Five to Seven People: $65 per person
  • Eight to Ten Operators: $50 per person

“Pedestrian Safety Training Course” Manual included in cost of training.