Forklift Repairs In Toronto

Forklifts are the backbone of your material handling operations and maybe even your entire company. When you need repairs, you want them yesterday. Even more importantly, you need them fixed professionally so that your employees remain as safe as possible. At The Electric Lift Truck Company, all our service technicians hold the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities “Powered Lift Truck Technicians” certification and T.S.S.A. “IGE-JV-P Propane” certification.


All Types of Forklift Repairs for All Types of Forklifts In Toronto

Whether your forklift include fluid top-ups for your battery, debris in its hydraulic system, or a check engine light that you cannot find a solution for, the professionals at The Electric Lift Truck Company can help. Our team has over 155 years of combined forklift repair experience, and we offer repairs to electric, propane, diesel, and gasoline forklifts. Some of the common repairs in Toronto we perform include:

● Electrical problems including buttons, switches and controls
● Horn and light issues including travel alarms
● Forklift mast travel & lift problems
● Error codes diagnosis and repairs
● Seat and seat belt issues
● Cooling system problems
● Hose and battery leaks
● Battery problems

In addition, you can also trust us for electric vehicles, including aerial platforms, bucket lifts, and material handling equipment, including electric locomotives.

Parked orange forklift to be diagnosed for repairs

Leaks Are a Sure Sign Your Forklift Needs Repairs

If a forklift operator or someone else notices leaks emanating from your material handling equipment, this is a matter that should be taken very seriously. A fluid leak can signify any number of things. It typically indicates trouble with your forklift’s cooling, steering, or hydraulic systems. In addition to being a sign that you may need repairs, fluid on the floor of your warehouse or loading dock is a serious safety hazard.

Contacting the professionals at The Electric Lift Truck Company in Toronto when you first notice a fluid leak is always a wise choice. It can not only save you time and money by minimizing the extent of repairs that your forklift needs, but also help to avoid lost time, damage to your equipment, or serious accidents.

The most common causes of leaks found on a forklift include:

● Loose fitting or clamp
● Blown tube or hose
● Leaking O-ring
● Cracked cylinder

A forklift can also have a fluid leak due to a bad engine seal, planetary gear seal, bad control valve seal, or even a loose oil filter. Again, our highly trained technicians  can perform repairs to most all types of material handling equipment, so call us first.

Avoid Expensive Repairs with Preventative Maintenance

We offer service, sales, rentals, parts and even forklift training in Toronto. Our preventative maintenance forklift service is a great way to be proactive and prevent the need for expensive repairs. This involves cleaning your equipment with compressed air to remove dirt and debris, lubricating as needed, checking all fluid levels and performing fluid changes as necessary, and performing a specific gravity test of your forklift’s battery.


The Electric Lift Truck Company also offers training for lift truck operators, aerial platform operators, and pedestrians.